Graduate Level Exams are used to supplement undergraduate records, recommendations, and other qualifications for Graduate School. Not all graduate level programs or schools require these exams but they can be used to bolster an student's application.
Graduate Record ExaminationGraduate Management Admission TestLaw School Admission Test
  • Most widely accepted graduate level exam
  • Accepted at some Business and Law Schools                          
  • 6 Sections
    • 2 Verbal Reasoning
    • 2 Quantitative Reasoning
    • 2 Analytical Writing
  • Scored 130-170

* Subject tests are also available in:

Biology, Chemistry, Math, English Literature, Physics and Psychology

  • Used for MBA admissions to most Graduate Business Schools          
  • 4 Sections
    • 1 Analytical Writing
    • 1 Integrated Reasoning
    • 1 Quantitative
    • 1 Verbal
  • Scored 200-800
  • Only exam accepted by all Law Schools and required by most schools
  • 5 Sections
    • 1 Reading Composition
    • 1 Analytical Reasoning
    • 2 Logical Reasoning
    • 1 Unscored Writing Sample
  • Scored 120-180

ScoresSelect option that allows a student to select what scores are sent to a college

Scores are valid for 5 years

Score Reports are created that include all tests take by that student from the last 5 years

A student can cancel their score if they do not want it included on the report

Schools where Score report is sent is decided day of test and cannot be changed

Score Reports are created including all tests take in the last 5 years

Score Reports also include an average of all tests taken in the last 5 years

Scores that were cancelled or where the student was absent will be included