Acing the ISEE/SSAT/TACHS/HSPT/COOP exams and getting into a private or independent high school can be challenging. Every year millions of parents attempt to get their children into private schools and it is no secret that admissions are getting harder and harder all the time. Schools only want the best and brightest students and because of the large number of applicants, they will be very selective. In fact, it has become so competitive that only one out of every five students who apply will be accepted. This means that a shocking 80% of students are rejected.

Let’s face it, an average score on the Independent School Entrance Exam or the Secondary School Admission Test will NOT be enough to get you into these competitive schools. You really need to excel on these crucial tests and you only have one chance to do it.

At Jump Start our tutors know strategies that can help your child excel at these exams. Our tutors have experience with the content as well as the techniques that will help your child do well on the tests. Our main strategy revolves around our ability to look at the big picture with each student. We try to understand what makes each student “tick” and how we as tutors can help students confront and overcome their weaknesses on the tests.