PSAT (Preliminary Standardized Achievement Test)

The PSAT gives students firsthand practice for the SAT. The test allows students to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses in Math and English and is designed to help students become familiar with the questions that they will see on the SAT. The PSAT offers a National Merit Scholarship to those students that do exceedingly well, typically in the top 5%. Students who feel that they may be in contention for a National Merit Scholarship might consider additional preparation before the test. The test is given in October of a student’s junior year. The test can also be taken for even more practice in October of a student’s Freshman or Sophomore year.


  • Benchmark for SAT100%
  • Abbreviated Version of SAT100%
  • Firsthand practice at SAT type questions100%
  • Analyze strengths and weaknesses100%
  • National Merit Scholarship100%


What areas of study does the PSAT cover?


How is the PSAT test scored?

  • Math 20-80
  • Critical Reading 20-80
  • Writing 20-80


How long is the PSAT test?

2 hours and 10 minutes


What does the PSAT test cost?



Where do I sign up for the PSAT?

Registration is done through the high school
How and when do I receive my PSAT scores?
  • Distributed through your high school, usually sometime in December

How do I find out if I qualified for a National Merit Scholarship?

  • No need to fret, you will be notified by letter if you receive the scholarship

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