The SAT tests students’ knowledge of subjects that are necessary for college, including reading, writing, and mathematics. The SAT tests critical thinking skills that students need for success in college. The SAT is typically taken by high school juniors and seniors.


  • Required by most colleges
  • High scores can result in acceptance to the college of choice and potential scholarships
  • Way to compare all students across the U.S.
  • Way to compare all students across the U.S.


What areas of study does the SAT cover?

4 Total Sections




Verbal (Reading Comprehension and Writing/Language)


Writing Section (graded with two subscores on a scale of 1 – 6 for a total point value of 12)


How is the SAT test scored?

Each section of the SAT is scored on a scale of 200-800, with two writing subscores for multiple-choice questions and the essay. Scores can range from a 400 (low) to a 1600 (high).


How long is the SAT test?

Approximately 5 hours with two ten minute breaks


What does the SAT test cost?What is the late fee?

What is the standby fee?



When should a student start preparing for the SAT or ACT?

Ideally, a student should begin preparing for the SAT/ACT at the end of the 10th grade and continue preparation throughout the summer and 11th grade, until the test date. Most students take the SAT/ACT two or three times, depending on their scores. The tests are offered throughout the school year. Please check our test dates here


Where do I sign up for the SAT?
  • Register for the exam at
  • Please be aware of registration deadlines. Avoid late fees and be able to choose your testing center by registering early.

How do I get my SAT scores?

You will receive your scores through the “My SAT Score Report” online approximately 2-3 weeks after the test. You can receive the scores by phone for an additional fee at the same time the online score report is released.
How do I send my SAT scores to colleges?

  • Score CHOICE
  • You can send all of your scores or just one test score, depending on what the particular requirements of the school are. Many schools accept the highest score from all 3 sections while other schools will ask for your best overall test.
  • You receive 4 free score reports with your registration fee
  • Rush reporting is available for an additional fee
  • Visit to begin process
How we provide the edge…

  • Personalized approach to the SAT preparation process. No two students are alike, so why should their SAT program be identical?
  • Focused on identifying trouble spots that challenge different students
  • Accustomed to identifying and understanding the learning needs of individual students
  • Understand that some students face time constraints; we offer programs to accommodate these needs
  • Offer Full Practice Tests – Full actual previous SATs are administered the weekend before each SAT to give students real-time SAT experience
  • Experienced SAT Tutors (ranging from 5 to 12 years of experience)
  • Tutors all attended top-ranked universities
  • Instruction available 7 days a week
  • See services page


  • “Jump Start has played a critical role in my children’s academic success. They have helped all three of my children determine the proper exams between SAT or ACT, constructed an organized plan towards the respective test and helped all of them improve their scores significantly. In addition, JST helped my children construct cohesive, well-thought out essays for their college applications that maintained and strengthened the individual voice of each child. Lauren – 2015 Ursuline, Nick – 2017 Iona Prep and CoCo – 2017 Soundview Prep
    Jane G.
  • Thank you for helping to foster Leela’s confidence. She was an excellent student, but her positive experience with your program and staff empowered her with extra knowledge and resources. So proud and pleased.”
    Cathy G
    Tuckahoe High School
  • If you think the SAT/ACT challenge is daunting (as we did), let Jump Start Tutoring be a part of your students future success. Matt Warshay leads a team of superior and dedicated tutors and staff. Your tutor is fit-to-match the learning style of your student and the results will speak for themselves. Combining a “can do” culture with superb communication skills (with both student and parents), the investment in Jump Start will produce positive results. Incremental score increases (20-30%) are possible; we know, we did it with Jump Start Tutoring !
    Joan M
    Bronxville High School
  • Leanne and the rest of the Jump Start Team were extremely helpful throughout my preparation for the ACT. From working on English sections to making sure that I was still keeping up with Math, Leanne pushed me to put in the hard work that led to the high scores I desired. She was always encouraging, pushing me to figure out the right answer on my own while teaching me the problem-solving techniques that would carry me through the exam. I would HIGHLY recommend Jump Start Tutoring as it enabled me to score better than I could have ever imagined
    Maddy S
    Rye High School
  • The trifecta was a success…again! It included you, the super-cool, motivating tutor, me the parent willing to pay until the bitter end, and my son, who finally realized he was going to continue to take that ACT until he brought his “A” game on test day! What can I say besides thank you very much for reaching both my kids in a way that prepared them to achieve great results on the SAT and ACT. I truly believe that Jump Start Tutoring gave them the advantage that enabled them to get into the universities of their choice. For that, I am very grateful to you, Matt
    Elisa Forgione
    Iona Prep
  • Matt, we cannot thank you and the Jump Start team enough for the way you helped our son Patrick raise his SAT scores and improve his self-confidence.  The exam taking skills he learned at Jump Start are sure to help him in college.  We are also grateful for how you helped him with his college essay.  He started out with a good idea, but needed help in organizing his thoughts and telling his story.  We are very pleased and proud to submit it with his college applications
    Christine G
    Ardsley High School
  • Dylan raised the scores on both her SAT’s and her ACT’s and felt more confident and comfortable taking the tests. You and Sam were always polite and professional and you worked around our crazy schedules without complaining. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.
    Karen Clay
    Dobbs Ferry High School
  • Jump Start Tutoring has been a tremendously positive experience for Nick. In addition to the help with the subject matter, Jump Start has given him invaluable strategies to help with better study habits and taking time pressured exams.
    Carmen Stefano
    Eastchester High School
  • Matt at Jump Start tutored my son Max in preparation for taking the SATs for the 2nd time. His focus with Max was primarily Math and after 4 months Max’s score jumped substantially. Matt quickly figured out Max’s learning style and tailored his coaching approach accordingly. He was able to relate well with Max along with truly knowing what was expected in order to properly prepare him for the test. From a parent’s point of view, Matt followed up frequently and was very responsive to any questions or concerns. I completely recommend Jump Start Tutoring to other families.
    Bucky Keady
    Bronxville High School
  • Jump Start Tutoring, run by Matt Warshay, is a very professional service with a personal touch. The tutors at Jump Start personalize their approach to each student’s strength’s and weaknesses. They helped my daughter decide that the ACT was a better choice for her than the SAT. With their focus on her areas of weakness, they were able to steer her to achieve a very successful score. They also relate really well to the kids, and my daughter actually looked forward to her sessions and never complained about doing the practice tests. I was very pleased with the results and would recommend Jump Start
    Carol Singer
    Hastings High School
  • Jump Start Tutoring was the perfect SAT Prep program for my son. Matt and Katie take a personal interest in their students. They instruct them, encourage them, and support them. It was easy and convenient to schedule tutoring sessions with both of them. My son was prepared and confident for these tests and it was reflected in his performance. I highly recommend Jump Start Tutoring
    Maria Brill
    Hastings High School
  • Matt Warshay and the Jump Start team fully prepared both my kids for SAT’s. Scheduling was convenient and the kids liked their tutors. Trig and Pre-calculus tutoring helped my son tremendously in the classroom. I highly recommend Jump Start!
    Paul Benziger
    Bronxville High School
  • As students a Fordham Preparatory High School, my sons were determined to do their absolute best on their SATs. Matt and Katie of Jump Start Tutoring helped them set goals, improve their scores considerably, and taught them the little tricks that save time and maximize their performances. They even helped my younger son with his organization skills that are necessary for success. I couldn’t be happier with the results.
    Fordham Preparatory High School
    Eileen Fusco
  • Jump Start Tutoring, thanks so much for all the help you’ve given to my kids over the years. JST has provided tremendous help throughout their high school years, especially with the SATs. We couldn’t believe our son’s score and have JST to thank for that! And now with my daughter, I can’t thank you enough for all the help especially last year when she missed quite a bit of her freshman year and she still managed to do well! And, of course, you’ll be seeing more of her, especially with SATs.
    Eastchester Parent
    Eastchester High School
  • Jump Start Tutoring has been a great math tutor for my son for several years, both for classroom work and for the Math SAT Subject Matter Test. What makes JST special as tutors are that they are able to relate to the students on two levels, as a friend and as a teacher. As a result my son had fun while he was studying math with Jump Start Tutoring. Although my son thinks Matt is one of the coolest guys around, he would not be caught arriving for a tutoring session with Matt unprepared. JST also pushed my son to perform at his highest level. I highly recommend Matt Warshay and Jump Start Tutoring.
    Bronxville Parent
    Bronxville High School
  • Jump Start helped my son achieve an excellent Math SAT score of 760! In addition, they also gave him vital test taking skills necessary for college. I highly recommend this tutoring program.
    Joan Hogan
    Eastchester High School

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