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March 23, 2021
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Spring Cleaning for School Success

Spring is here and it is time to get organized! Spring cleaning is highly suggested for your room, car, and any other area you are responsible for; but what can it do for you academically? This month we want you to create a To-Do list to simplify your life and finish the school year strong. Ready to ‘spring’ into action? 

  1. Organize by Subject- This is really the most important thing for high school, college, and beyond. You need different gears for different classes, and this is especially true if you don’t have every class every day.
    1. One folder per subject. A place for Science, another for English, bonus points if you color coordinate, so you always know ‘Red = Math’. 
    2. Google Drive, too. This is the perfect mindless activity when you’re stuck in class. Drag all the assignments and materials into one big folder for that subject. Even that will make your life ten times easier!
  2. Rethink your Desk- Your workspace should be your ‘in the zone’ place. Remove anything unrelated to school and set that up elsewhere in your room. Instead, think about what you’ve needed the most these past few months.
    1. Recycle all the paper you won’t need in the future.
    2. Stock your desk area with writing tools, helpful books, and a spare charger.
    3. Grab some stacking organizers from the dollar store.
    4. Remember to face away from the TV/screen temptations.
    5. Consider an outdoor setup, if you’re lucky to have access to the outdoors.
  1. Back in the school building? Start by making sure your bookbag/bags are stocked with what you need, and that you can transfer everything quickly and easily from home and school. It’s also a cheap time of year to buy bags and school supplies.
    1. Keep your bag organized by period and time of day: 1st period, 2nd, so on. You’ll thank yourself when you’re rushing from one class to the next.
    2. Reserve a space at home to store files for daily schedule changes. Either keep things by subject, or in a stack if your school does A/B days.
    3. Clean out your car, if you have one. Scrounging for missing homework in the back seat is something we’ve all done, but need not repeat!
  1. Prioritize for finals and next year – Set aside materials you think you’ll want for finals or end-of-year projects (and ask your teachers, they should have those planned by now!) Some subjects are ‘one and done, so you might be able to chuck entire binders.
    1. Evaluate if next year’s class could use what you have; generally, anything for foreign languages is useful to keep, but if you’re switching from Global to US History, you won’t be using most of those notes on the Renaissance.
    2. Store a portfolio of your best assignments; many colleges (and internships) will appreciate getting to see your best work. Scan a digital copy of papers.

Honestly, even doing one or two of the above will make your life more organized, and give you the edge for a strong finish to the school year. Summer will be here soon, and you won’t be paying much attention to school organization, so get it done in your spring cleaning!

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