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Private School Entrance Exams

Acing the ISEE/SSAT/TACHS/HSPT/COOP exams and getting into a private or independent high school can be challenging. Every year millions of parents attempt to get their children into private schools and it is no secret that admissions are getting harder and harder all the time.

Schools only want the best and brightest students and because of the large number of applicants, they will be very selective. In fact, it has become so competitive that only one out of every five students who apply will be accepted. This means that a shocking 80% of students are rejected.

Let’s face it, an average score on the Independent School Entrance Exam or the Secondary School Admission Test will NOT be enough to get you into these competitive schools. You really need to excel on these crucial tests and you only have one chance to do it. At Jump Start our tutors know strategies that can help your child excel at these exams. Our tutors have experience with the content as well as the techniques that will help your child do well on the tests. Our main strategy revolves around our ability to look at the big picture with each student. We try to understand what makes each student “tick” and how we as tutors can help students confront and overcome their weaknesses on the tests.


College Planning and Placement

Our philosophy is to be student centered. We have a reputation for developing personal relationships with students and families and for alleviating the stress and anxiety associated with the college process. We believe strongly in finding the “right fit” in terms of a college/university for a student to thrive and will go above and beyond what is expected.

College Placement Services
  • Academic and extra-curricular advisement
  • Creation of resume/activity list
  • College search and application assistance
  • Research into specialized programs and circumstances
  • Main and supplemental essay development and revision
  • Interview Preparation
  • Workshops on a variety of topics
  • Social Media Review
  • Deferral and Waitlist Strategy – Drafting a Letter of Intent

9th grade is a pivotal year in your child’s educational journey: from that point on, all of your child’s academic performance will be included in the review for their admission to college. This, though, does not mean you should needlessly worry, but you should put all your efforts into making your child’s academic record a strong one. Our team can help by working with you and your child to identify their strengths and weaknesses. We can come up with a plan for success, and, by working with us early on, we can tackle gaps in learning and understanding before the problems progress so that there is little to no impact on their record.  

We pride ourselves on helping families come up with realistic game plans for every day success: we help create strong organizational and study skills and help enforce a routine that will create a strong academic foundation. We help to establish skills and life habits that will serve your child beyond the classroom and beyond high school, guiding them to become not just successful high school and college students but successful professionals. 

9th grade is also the time to start building a narrative around their resume. This is the time to start carefully choosing extracurricular activities around their interests and talents, showcasing a through-thread in all their choices built around core values and goals. This narrative arc will develop your child into a more holistic student, making them more attractive to colleges. 

If you’re concerned about your child’s academic performance or are lost in the chaotic world of preparing your child for the future, reach out to us for a consultation as we are here to offer advice with no obligation

Once your child reaches the 10th grade, the GPA remains the core element for college review. Additionally, this is a time to continue to build those study skills and healthy habits that will keep them grounded in the more chaotic junior and senior years of high school. We will continue to work with your student to help them foster and integrate better habits, while also helping you to use standardized tests, such as the PSAT, to  assess which activities and services you should use to support your child’s growth. Our tutors and programs will help your child build on previous successes and learn from weaknesses to become an even stronger student with a great future ahead of them. 

This is a time to keep being involved in extracurriculars that showcase your student’s talents and interests. This is also a time when you and your child might become more curious about the college process, a process we know very well and would be happy to help you with. 

Before reaching out to a tutor or searching everywhere for college advice, consider contacting us, as we are ready to answer your questions with no obligation. 

11th grade, while being possibly the most rigorous year, is also when the focus on grades gets even more intense. This is a year when you might be looking for programs that will help with general academic support or programs that focus more on the college search or standardized tests. Thankfully, here at Jump Start, we handle it all. From every day classes to standardized tests to the college application process, our programs are here to help you and your student approach the process with confidence. 

We help students come up with standardized testing game plans, such as the PSAT, SAT, and ACT, study plans for all classes including the APs, and timelines for college applications. 

11th grade is when students are expected to start stepping into leadership roles in their extracurriculars and searching out independent studies and internships that highlight their interests and talents. Our programs can help you consider these things and walk you through the college planning process. 

If you are worried about the rigors of the 11th grade or would like more guidance regarding the college process, reach out to us. We are happy to answer any questions with no obligation. 

12th grade is a rigorous and often overwhelming year. From academic success to the college process, our programs and tutors are ready to help you have a successful year. 

We continue to help students establish better study and time management skills, skills they will need when at college. If your student is taking one or two more shots at the SAT or ACT, we are here to help while also being prepared to help with general education.  

If you are overwhelmed by the college process or need help with your child’s academics, reach out to us. Our team is ready and excited to help you and your child achieve your goals. 

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