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High School Equivalency Exam

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Test Assessing Secondary Completion, or TASC, is the new high school equivalency exam given in the state of New York, replacing the more commonly know GED.

With the TASC test, a wide range of subjects and topics are covered to make sure a person who passes has the equivalent of a high school graduates knowledge. In order to pass the TASC and receive the New York State Equivalency Diploma all subjects must be passed. TASC is scored from 300-800 with a passing score of 500 for each sub-section and a passing essay score of 2 out of 8.


85 Minutes:
50 Multiple-Choice Questions
1 Constructed-Response

Main Topics:
Reading Informational Texts
Reading Literature

Key Ideas and Details
Craft and Structure
Integration of Knowledge and Ideas
Vocabulary Acquisition


65 Minutes:
50 Multiple-Choice Questions
45 Minutes: 1 Writing Prompt based on two passages

Main Topics:
Editing and Revising
Essay Writing

Grammar and Usage
Capitalization, Punctuation and Spelling
Knowledge of Language
Text Types and Purpose


55 Minutes: No Calculator
50 Minutes: Calculator
45 Multiple-Choice Questions
12 Gridded-Response
1 Constructed-Response

Main Topics:
Numbers and Quantity
Statistics and Probability

Social Studies

75 Minutes:
49 Multiple-Choice Questions
2 Constructed-Response

Main Topics:
US History
World History
Civics and Government


75 Minutes:
50 Multiple-Choice Questions
1 Constructed-Response

Main Topics:
Earth and Space Science
Life Science
Physical Science

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