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So You Want to Get into the Best Colleges?

Maybe you dream of becoming a doctor, lawyer, business man or woman, or even an entrepreneur. Maybe you feel pressured by family, peers, and society in general to go to college, because hey, everyone’s doing it! So, why not go. Well, there’s more to it than you may think. Getting into the school that could catapult your future starts way before you embark on the dreaded SAT/ACTs.

Although there really is a college for everyone we can hedge our bets by working towards getting into the best possible college that we can. Good grades in high school along with strong SAT/ACTs are critical to your success. While other factors do carry some weight, these two are gigantic! Preparing for the SAT/ACT or determining which exam is best for you can be difficult.

That’s where we come in. By we, I mean Jump Start Tutoring. JST will look at the entire picture of you as a student and help you in every step along the way, guiding you through the exams, registering, preparing applications, writing essays and giving you the inside scoop on most colleges across the continent. You must remember that with anything in life there are sacrifices to be made. You must realize that increasing your test scores on any standardized test takes time, practice, commitment and possibly a few headaches. But the payoff at the end is great! Besides the tremendous feeling of success that you will have by getting into the school of your choice or some scholarship money, you will begin to see that you have the power to work hard and alter your future. Few things in life come without hard work.

Our JST network contains over 5,000 students who have achieved success through our program and who are willing to share with you the insider information on colleges that you may not get from a college book or a guidance counselor. Only by joining our JST family will you have access to our vast JST alumni network.

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